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Sgpinned.net is the number one schoolgirl pin site on the internet. Gaining membership to the site is simple. Just complete the registration form stating which kind of membership you want by clicking here
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There are thousands of pictures, and hundreds of video links and files to see and download at your leisure. The site has a very active forum and chat room, and story section.

As well as the main part of the site, there are sub-sections for those interested in more diverse material, but these are part of the main membership.

There are two classes of membership: Regular and Premium.

Regular membership is free, and you are free to browse through the site, download anything you wish, but you are limited to the number of pictures you can access over a period. However, you can expand this access by uploading pictures, video links and files.

You can gain Premium membership by making a small donation by PayPal and have full access to all parts of the site, with no limitations.

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